RE ing - Racionalization of Energy


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RE ing
Rational Energy engineering

Project planning

The investor can only with an optimal project ensure more efficiently and economically viable solution of the individual problem. So we achieve maximum savings in energy and on the financial side.

We provide solutions for:
- Biomass
- The heat pump system (air/air, exhaust/air, geothermal–air, ground–air, rock–air, water–air, geothermal–water, ground–water, rock–water, water–water)
- Fossil fuel heating with condensing system
- District heating

- Passive cooling
- Reversible cooling
- Compressor cooling
- Cold rooms
- Freezing rooms

ventilation with heat recovery
- For residential use
- Office use
- Hospital use
- Technology use
- Swimming pool use

preparation DHW (domestic hot water)
- With the help of solar energy collectors
- Using waste energy in the technological process
- Heat pump

Solar energy receivers
- Flat panel
- Vacuum Modules
- Hybrid Modules

- Smaller systems
- Major systems
- Hybrid Modules

Geothermal energy

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